Traveling Awards – Small Plates vs Large Plates

A traveling award is one that is passed from champion to champion, and contains engraving information for each past champion. Many awards providers put all of this information on one large plate. This may make the award less expensive at time of purchase, but there are some drawbacks. You would have to remove that large plate to have additional engraving added; it is expensive to ship such a plate both ways, so many of those shops prefer to just re-engrave all of your information on a new plate. Most local shops cannot add engraving to a plate that was engraved elsewhere, or will charge a significant fee to do so.

We feel the best solution is to engrave each champion’s information on a smaller individual plate. All of our traveling awards include a number of small detail plates premounted with small brass screws. We use a very standard engraving font on these plates that any engraver should be able to match. This gives our customers the option of having the detail plates engraved locally, or we can provide that service. If you’d like for us to engrave your detail plate, it is less expensive to ship a new plate than for you to send us one of your blank ones. We keep all past engraving files, so we will engrave your detail plate with the exact same font as the previous plates that we engraved for you. In fact, we have past invoices available online so that our customers can review their engraving specifications before submitting a new plate request. If you do not know your previous invoice number, just email us and we’ll be happy to look that up and provide it for you.

Small plates are less expensive in following years, and provide more flexibility and convenience for the customer.

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