Can I Place an Order Now, and Give You My Engraving Information Later?

We provide detailed itemized quotes and invoices which include the engraving information. We suggest waiting until you know your winner before making a request. If you give anticipated engraving information or leave your engraving information blank, we will provide a quote based on what you give us. Please make sure to make adjustments and review your engraving before issuing your payment. Once payment has been made, we could begin work on your order at any time, so it may cost extra to make changes at that time.

It is best to wait until all engraving specifications are known before placing an order. If you request a quote with expected engraving information (or none at all), be sure to request corrections before paying for your order.

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How Long Will It Take to Receive My Order?

During non-peak times, we can often ship orders within three business days of the day payment is received. Typical turnaround time, including time in transit, is within two weeks or less after we receive payment for US shipments; Canadian shipments typically take a bit longer. If you pay via e-check, PayPal asks us to wait until the payment has cleared before processing your order.

Our peak times are just before and just after the NFL season. During those times, we are typically swamped with orders from commissioners ordering their fantasy football trophies, trying to receive them in time to present them either at their draft or at a Super Bowl party. During those times, turnaround time may stretch just a bit beyond the norm.

If you have a particular date by which you must receive your awards, please be sure to tell us up front. If there is no way we can make it, we will be honest and tell you. If we can’t provide your awards, we want to leave you as much time as possible to make arrangements elsewhere. However, we feel we can do the best job of providing the awards your league needs and can afford, so we ask that you allow us a reasonable amount of time to build your order and ship it to you or your winner.