True Cost of a Traveling Award

Many commishes contact us wanting a traveling trophy, but struggle with selling the rest of their league on making such a purchase. The amount for a traveling trophy may sound like a lot, but even the cheapest leagues find they can afford it when they consider how long the trophy will last!

If the commish can buy the trophy out of his pocket up front and charge the league on a per-year basis to cover his costs, it is unbelievable how affordable the award becomes. Often, the amount each owner needs to ante up is around a buck a year!

Use our traveling trophy calculator to get an idea of how much it will cost each owner in your league to purchase a traveling trophy, if the cost is spread out over the number of years the award will last.

A $100 trophy with 16 total detail plates, with one of them engraved at time of purchase, will last 15 years, and cost each team in a 12-team league right around $1 per year!

Use our traveling trophy calculator mentioned above, and you may find that your league can afford a very nice trophy for much less than you ever imagined!

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