The Small Plates on My Traveling Award Look Dull and Scratched

When you received your new traveling award, you may have been initially disappointed that some of the detail plates appear dull and maybe even scratched. Upon further investigation, you may notice that it is just the unengraved plates that look that way. Don’t panic!

All plates that are not engraved have a thick film on them from the manufacturing company when cut. You cannot tell this film is on the plates, except it makes them appear dull and sometimes scratched. We leave that plastic film in place to ensure that these plates do not get scratched before you have a chance to have them engraved. If you prefer, you can remove this film by removing the screws and peeling from the corner. The film will peel off and the plate will be very shiny.

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Reshipping One of Our Traveling Awards

Most leagues these days are run on the Internet, often with the owners residing in different locations. This can make presenting an award to the next winner require that the award be shipped. In this blog entry, we are providing tips for shipping your award.

If you have one of our traveling trophy cups, they can be shipped assembled. If you have one of our traveling statuettes or actual size figures, you will need to remove the top to ship the item safely. You will need to wrap the item(s) in bubble wrap. Make sure to tape the bubble wrap to itself and not the award. Pack the item(s) in a box large enough for several inches of padding on each side of the award. Using packing peanuts is best. If you need to use paper make sure it is ink free; do not use newspaper, as ink can get on the awards.

Be sure to print and include our assembly instructions for the new winner if the top was removed from the item for shipping. If you purchased a tool, be sure to tape it to the inside of the box and include a note regarding its placement on your assembly instructions. This will prevent an extensive search for a loose tool in the box.

If you do not feel comfortable in reboxing your award, check with your local UPS store for help.

Make sure that you insure the package when shipping an award. You can find your previous invoice(s) anytime from the Invoice Lookup link on our home page if you need to look up the value of the award. If you do not know your invoice number please feel free to email us for the information. Make sure a ship-to address and return address is printed clearly on a piece of paper inside the box, such that it is the first thing seen when the package is opened. You may consider putting that information on the back of the assembly instructions.

We ship all our packages UPS ground, with insurance.  If you ship via US mail, be sure to get insurance, tracking information, and require a signature. (Delivery confirmation alone does not get all of those things.) Requiring a signature will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your recipient received the package, and that it was not merely left on his doorstep.

Be sure to let your winner know when he can expect the package to be delivered. Give him the tracking number so that he can pursue a claim if the item is lost or damaged.

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