Selecting an Awards Provider: Does the Awards Provider Buy Back Old Trophies?

There are a number of considerations when selecting an awards provider, but one that is a dirty little secret for some providers is that they buy back old trophies. That may sound good for when you want to get what you can for old little league trophies, but think carefully before acquiring meaningful awards from such a retailer.

If the awards provider buys back old trophies, that means that when you buy a trophy from them, you are not necessarily getting a new award. They don’t buy them back to be nice – they are reselling them! At Affordable Trophies, we do not buy back old trophies. Every award we sell is guaranteed to be made of all new components. If you do not care how the recipient will feel about the award and you’d rather get a cheap trophy, then get one from a retailer that “recycles”. Our customers want their recipients to cherish their awards, and they want the awards they present to reflect the quality of their organizations.

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