Hints on Assembly of Traveling Trophies

Some of our awards require a minimal amount of assembly; namely, attaching the top to the base. Below are some helpful hints for assembling a traveling trophy purchased from Affordable Trophies:

Very important: Please read all instructions before attempting to put the top on your award. We include assembly instructions with any order that includes an award that requires assembly; if you do not find assembly instructions, please email us for an instruction sheet.

Make sure to take everything out of your package and inspect for damage.

Make sure you have the right tool for the job.

For our traveling footballs and traveling beer can awards, make sure the rod is unscrewed to fit just a little past the hole in the base. Most awards are at the correct height when shipped, but may need to be adjusted a bit due to movement during shipment.

If the top never tightens and you are using a socket with extender, then the socket itself is not deep enough for the rod, or the extender does not go up into the base far enough. The tool we offer to provide will be long enough and deep enough to do the job.

Only hand-tighten the top; it should be just snug enough for to hold the figure in place.

Make sure you assemble your award on a solid surface. We suggest putting a towel on a table top to help avoid scratching your award during assembly.

When fully assembled, your award will be ready to present and will last for many years to come.

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