Tip to Save Time and Money – Order During Non-peak Times

Order during non-peak times. We are extremely busy just before and just after the NFL season (June, July, and August – November, December, and January are peak times for us). Your order is very likely to be processed quicker and we have our best pricing during non-peak times. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for announcements on discounts and specials.

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Parts and Components

Affordable Trophies is your retail source for completed trophies for fantasy sports. We do not sell parts or components. We do not sell cut or blank plates of any kind, except those included with awards.

We can certainly provide detail plates with engraving for customers that have purchased a traveling award from us. And we can provide the tops of awards for customers who are upgrading their award that they purchased from us, or have damaged the top of an award they purchased from us. Unfortunately, we cannot provide these items for awards not purchased from Affordable Trophies.

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I Just Found That My Order Is Being Shipped to My Old Address!

If your order ships before you realize you have not corrected an old address, please notify us immediately. If it is a package in transit, UPS will charge a fee to redirect the package, which we will have to charge to the customer. If the package has been delivered, UPS will charge a pick up fee, which we will have to charge to the customer. That pick up fee can be double the redirect fee, so it is important to notify us as soon as possible.

If you ordered a single detail plate which was shipped USPS, we will have to wait and see if it is returned. If the item is returned to us, we can reship the plate to the new address. If the item is not returned, the customer will have to purchase a new plate.

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