Sound Clips

Affordable Trophies is now implementing sound clips on our web site – a first in our industry! These sound clips will enhance our web site viewers’ experience by allowing them to listen to important information as they browse our site. Check back often, as more pages are constantly being upgraded to include this feature – look for the audio icon at the top of pages on our web site!



Affordable Trophies is proud to announce that the first issue of our new newsletter is now available. Sign up to receive special exclusive offers, tips on making awards purchases, news regarding new and updated awards, new blog postings, new podcasts, and more!

Tip to Save Time and Money – Do Not Email Credit Card Details!

Do not send credit card information via email! Email is not secure – it is similar to sending information on a post card. To protect your credit card information, use the link on your invoice to submit your payment over the Internet. We accept credit card payments through PayPal. Affordable Trophies does not have your credit card or PayPal account information. Once you click to make a payment it goes off our site to PayPal’s secure payment site. Using PayPal to issue your payment for your order is safe and secure.

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