First NL Survivor Contest Ends Quickly!

The very first Affordable Trophies NL Survivor contest lasted just one week! Scott MacKinney picked Philadelphia to win their series against the Mets this past weekend, and was the only one to survive! The most popular pick was for the Rockies to beat the Pirates (in Colorado); seems like a safe pick, but not this past weekend!

So, on we go to the next contest – AL Survivor! No sign-up necessary – just visit the contest web site, enter your name and email address, and pick the one team that you are most confident will win their series the weekend of May 13-15. Don’t delay – go ahead and pick now! You can always re-do your pick at any time before the games begin that Friday (your last entry will be the only one that is used in the contest).

Congratulations to Scott MacKinney, and good luck to everyone that enters the new AL Survivor contest. Hopefully it will last a bit longer than the NL contest!

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