I would like to have an Affordable Trophies Catalog.

We do not produce a printed catalog. We are constantly adding new products and new techniques – it just does not make sense for us to go through the expense of printing a catalog that will be out of date so soon. That is one of the ways we keep our costs down, to provide less expensive awards for you.


Have Perfect Engraving

Be sure to check the text very carefully, including things like punctuation, capitalization, and spelling on your quote and/or invoice. Do NOT assume that we will make corrections for you! Many fantasy leagues have names and team names that are intentionally misspelled, so we do not correct spelling. We import your text directly from your invoice, so the way it looks on the invoice is the way it will be engraved (other than centering, which we will perform unless told not to).

For suggestions on typical engraving for the award(s) you are considering, please see our FAQ page. The engraving is just as important as the award itself, so put some thought into what you want your award to say, and make sure it is appropriate for the occasion. Use the custom engraving to help the trophy add fun and excitement to your league!