Affordable Trophies Podcast – Episode 004

Episode 004 of the Affordable Trophies Podcast has been uploaded! This blog entry will serve as the show notes for this episode.

Regina and Steve discuss engraving on fantasy football awards, focusing on the text. Logos will be discussed in an upcoming episode, but this one covers everything that should be considered when having a title plate or detail plate engraved.

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Tip to Save Time and Money – Check All Engraving

Check all engraving for accuracy at the time of initial request. Be sure to check the text very carefully, including things like punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. Do NOT assume that we will make corrections for you! Many leagues have names and team names that are intentionally misspelled, so we do not correct spelling. We import your text directly from the invoice, so the way it looks on the invoice is the way it will be engraved (other than centering, which we will perform unless told not to).

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Tip to Save Time – Write Your Invoice Number on Your Award

We have found that a number of leagues make the winner responsible for ordering his detail plate; when he asks for a quote for a new plate for the award, he has to be able to tell us who originally placed the order to help us find the order in our system. Often he does not know, or gives us an incorrect name (for example, Joe Smith, when the order was placed under the name Joseph Smith). If you can give us the order number, that is the quickest way for us to find the previous information for the order. So, if you were to write that number on the bottom of the award, whoever places the order for the new plate will always be able to tell us what we need to know to ensure that the engraving of the new plate is done in the same format as the other plates on the award.

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