2013 Fantasy Football Draft Time!

Gold Actual Size Football Trophy

Trophy for the Winner of the Fantasy Index Open!

It is getting closer and closer to time for our 2013 drafts, so be sure you get everything for your league lined up early so that you are not scrambling come draft week – and that includes getting your trophy order in! Our volume always increases the closer it gets to the start of the NFL season, so don’t delay; the earlier you can get your order in, the more time you will have to sit back and relax, knowing you are ready to reward your champion!

While you are preparing for your draft, we hope you will be using the source we consider the best for draft preparation – Fantasy Index! Once again, Affordable Trophies will be sponsoring the award for the champion of their Fantasy Index Open contest! Check it out here!

Good luck with your draft!

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Can I Place My Order by Phone?

That sounds like it would be a good idea, but awards are customized to your specifications, and they aren’t much good if they are not customized correctly. At Affordable Trophies, we only accept written engraving information. It is too easy to misunderstand something over the phone, even if words are spelled out (for example, f’s and s’s often sound a lot alike on the phone). By requiring the engraving information in writing, there is never a question as to whether it is what the customer requested. The best way to submit your request is using our Quote Request forms. Doing so allows us to import the engraving info directly from the invoice to our engraving equipment, so you are guaranteed to receive the text engraved as you see on the invoice. We do everything possible to ensure that you receive your awards customized to your specifications.

Put Your Invoice Number on the Bottom of Your Trophy

We have found that a number of leagues make the winner responsible for ordering his detail plate; when he asks for a quote for a new plate for the award, he has to be able to tell us who originally placed the order to help us find the order in our system. Often he does not know, or gives us an incorrect name (for example, Joe Smith, when the order was placed under the name Joseph Smith). If you can give us the order number, that is the quickest way for us to find the previous information for the order. So, if you were to write that number on the bottom of the award, whoever places the order for the new plate will always be able to tell us what we need to know to ensure that the engraving of the new plate is done in the same format as the other plates on the award.