Free NL Survivor Contest – Sign Up Now!

Already frustrated with the start to your fantasy baseball league? Or is fantasy baseball too time-consuming for your busy schedule? We’ve got something that is quick, simple, and FREE!

There’s still time to sign up for the Affordable Trophies NL Survivor contest! Correctly pick one NL team that you think will win at least two games over the weekend, and survive to pick a winner the next weekend; however, once you pick a team, you cannot pick it again! The winner will be the player that eventually becomes the sole survivor. Affordable Trophies will supply a trophy for the winner.

The contest will begin with the games played the weekend of April 29 – May 1. An email will be sent out to everyone that registers in advance when the entry form for the first week has been posted.

Are you an AL fan, and not that interested in the NL? No worries – an AL contest will follow right behind the NL contest! Go ahead and sign up for the NL contest so you will be notified as to when the AL survivor contest begins!

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Free MLB Survivor Contests!

Affordable Trophies is proud to announce a new series of games for the summer or 2011 – MLB Survivor! The object of the contest each week will be to select one team that will win at least two games between Friday and Sunday. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, the kicker is that the same team cannot be picked twice!

We’ll start with an NL Survivor contest, with the games selected from the National League games. After that will be an AL Survivor contest. Additional survivor contests may be scheduled, depending on the amount of time left in the season.

The winner will receive a trophy from Affordable Trophies, one of our popular Roman Column Trophies. As with all Affordable Trophies contests, no cost to enter, but only those who have purchased from Affordable Trophies in the past are invited to participate.

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