Affordable Trophies Podcast – Episode 010

Episode 010 of the Affordable Trophies Podcast has been uploaded! This blog entry will serve as the show notes for this episode.

Regina and Ryan discuss what on the website and new awards.

Things that are talked about

  • website changes
  • not a shopping cart
  • Fill out your request completely
  • Make sure the page loads before leaving
  • Check all you spelling, capitalization and puncuation
  • Make sure all changes have been made before making payment
  • New awards
  • When ordering a traveling award or an award that requires a tool. Starting December 9th though Dec 15th midnight central time, use promotion code mentioned in this podcast to receive a free tool. If ordering an item that does not require a tool, use an additional promotion code mentioned in this podcast to receive a free Gift – while supplies last.

If you have not heard from us in 24 hours

  • Check your spam filer
  • Email us to see if your request has been recieved
  • If you have a “G” mail account – make sure and put us in your address book or you will not get our email.
  • Text 417-501-6644
  • Send phone number with your email or when leaving a message.

You can find our podcast on iTunes, or you can listen to it here:

Or you can download the podcast to your computer to listen to it from there, or to load onto your iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 device. You can see all podcasts available on our web site.
Below are links to sections of our web site that contain more information about some of the items discussed in the podcast:

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Tip to Save Time – Use Our Request Forms

Use our web site to request quotes or place orders. We cannot accept an order over the phone, as we have to have all specifications in writing. Do not send the details for the awards you want in an email message. Use the Quote Request form for each award you would like to order. It may seem slower to submit your requests this way rather than phoning or emailing, but we will be able to process your request much quicker.

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Can I Place an Order Now, and Give You My Engraving Information Later?

We provide detailed itemized quotes and invoices which include the engraving information. We suggest waiting until you know your winner before making a request. If you give anticipated engraving information or leave your engraving information blank, we will provide a quote based on what you give us. Please make sure to make adjustments and review your engraving before issuing your payment. Once payment has been made, we could begin work on your order at any time, so it may cost extra to make changes at that time.

It is best to wait until all engraving specifications are known before placing an order. If you request a quote with expected engraving information (or none at all), be sure to request corrections before paying for your order.

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Receiving a Quote

We occasionally hear from a customer that they filled out a quote request, but did not receive a personal response. There are four possible reasons for this situation.

We generally respond fairly quickly, but because our quotes are part of a personal reply, it may take as long as one business day. Please allow that long to receive a reply, but it should not take longer.

Perhaps the issue is that your request did not get to us. Even if you receive an automated reply saying that your request was received, it may not get to us if you leave the “Thank You” page after submitting a quote request before it has completely loaded.

Another possible issue is that you may have a spam filter that is capturing our message and not allowing it to reach you. Maybe your ISP is performing this filtering for you. Either way, please check your spam filter to see if our reply is there.

And finally, you may not have received our reply  if you entered your email address incorrectly in our Quote Request form. We cannot reply if we do not have your correct email address!

If you suspect any of these problems may be occurring, please send us an email message with all of the information in your quote request, and we will reply as soon as we can.